Relating to Robert Welles Ritchie, writer of The Hell-roarin’ Forty-niners, Downieville miners “made the week between xmas and New Year one constant bender.

in 1854 Sarah Pellet stepped atop a dry-goods package in Weaverville, Ca, to decry the terrors of demon liquor. One resident whom stopped to concentrate published to their sis about Pellet’s lecture: “she’s maybe not bad looking, and has now a fine vocals and outstanding movement of language. Did We state movement? It’s a torrent that is perfect. She chatted for the hour and not stopped to draw a breathing.” But Pellet’s lectures had been therefore dull that also her vow to create 5,000 “worthy” young brand New England ladies towards the city was not enough in order to make Weaverville’s males pass an ordinance outlawing liquor. So she hopped for a mule and went along to Downieville, a mining town in Ca’s Sierra Nevada mountains.

” the city’s mayor called the spot “a field that is vast of for the reason for temperance.” But would a lot of hardscrabble miners end drinking and begin playing lectures? Without a doubt! Relating to Ritchie, here is why:

Almost any girl had been a novelty adequately compelling to cause guys to drop their silver pans and hike ten kilometers over a path in order to check a crinoline. a girl preaching resistant to the Demon had been a novelty with comedy trimmings.

Pellet and her petticoats convinced tens and thousands of Downieville guys to signal a vow to prevent drinking. Yet magazines of that time period hint at an even more motive that is mercenary Pellet’s temperance crusade. After her lectures, she’d pass a cap to gather cash to assist in her work. One attendee viewed in amazement as two-and-a-half buck gold pieces “rattled like hail” in to the four caps being passed away. A reporter when it comes to Nevada Journal called Pellet a “humbug” and lambasted her:

Rumor has it skip Pellet supplied her bag because of the necessary against a rainy time to the tune of $25,000. This might scarcely be real, yet such is the scarcity of females in a few elements of the mining area that skip Pellet could maybe maybe not neglect to accumulate one thing of the heap by just exhibiting by herself in females’s array at two bits a sight.

In terms of Downieville’s Sons of Temperance, when Pellet stuffed up her crusade and headed to Oregon in 1855, they went straight back to consuming.


Anti-Chinese belief went full of silver country, but Donaldina Cameron could not have cared less. Exactly exactly exactly What she did worry about had been that, as silver nuggets became harder to locate, a new “yellow money” had enter into play: Chinese girls -some as early as 11 yrs old- had been being kidnapped in Hong Kong or Canton and delivered to bay area. The ones that are lucky obligated to work with sweatshops; the unlucky people became intercourse slaves, doing work in brothels to make food and clothing plus $300 each month to pad the pouches of the owners.

Into the 1890s, Cameron joined up with forces because of the Presbyterian ladies’ Home Society and tossed by herself into rescuing these girls. Historians state she barged in to the underworld of san francisco bay area’s Chinatown with “nothing but an umbrella and an authorities whistle.” She groped her way along dark passages, broke straight down doorways, and also dropped through skylights to rescue girls. The Chinese slaveowners called cameron Fhan Quai -“She-Devil”- and marked her for death. But Cameron not merely eluded her would-be assassins, she outlived them, dying in 1968 at age 98. Cameron rescued huge number of “sing-song” girls, educated them, and aided them find husbands. The grateful girls had their own name for Cameron: Lo Mo -“Good Mother.”

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